Past Events

Every time theJuice meets, it’s special and unique. Here, we capture some of the highlights of each event and underscore it with a huge “thank you” to our featured speakers and sponsors.


November 2, 2016:


Featured Speaker: Al Bala, Chief Executive Officer, Mannatech

Al Bala is an experienced leader with more than 30 years working in our industry. He walked us through the steps him and his team followed over the last 18 months to accelerate the company’s growth and reestablish its position in the market.


Featured Speaker: Joel Bikman, Chief Marketing Officer, Mannatech

Mannatech CMO Joel Bikman joined Al and walked us through the company’s recent rebrand, which was launched in April 2016. Joel detailed the work he and his team led to clarify the company’s position, and how decisions from that process manifested themselves in the rebrand and repositioning of the company.

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April 26, 2016:


Featured Speaker: Tony Solis, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Genesis PURE

Tony shared details on the many improvements that he and his team are leading at Genesis PURE. Coming of their national conference just weeks prior to our meeting, Genesis PURE has been refining its story and just recently made some customer-friendly updates to its compensation plan. Tony walked us through their approach, and led an extensive Q&A session following.


Featured Speaker: Kerry Brown, Chief Marketing Officer, Stream Energy

Kerry walked the audience through the three main areas where successful direct sales companies must focus. He’s extensive experience at some of the industry’s hottest company’s over the last 10 years provided an excellent backdrop for what’s important and what’s not.

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